<mcnutcase> excuse me, konqueror blows donkeys for fun
<mcnutcase> at least firebird blows donkeys for cash...
<LionsPhil> Mozilla tries to blow donkeys, but it's too big to fit in the barn.
<mcnutcase> it took you 2 minutes to think of that?
<LionsPhil> Internet Explorer will blow donkeys as soon as they implement cheeks.
<LionsPhil> Hmm? No. I'm being semi-productive.
<LionsPhil> (I've got time stamps off, anyway)
* mcnutcase decides to collect these and stick a page on Pihost
<LionsPhil> I can't think of a good one for Opera.
<LionsPhil> Or links/lynx
<LionsPhil> Or Nutscrape 4.7
<LionsPhil> Or Safari
<mcnutcase> links/lynx might blow donkeys but you can't see because they don't do pictures
<mcnutcase> nutscrape 4.x blows donkeys but you can only see half of the time because of the blink tag
<LionsPhil> Links blows donkeys in ASCII art
<mcnutcase> opera advertises itself blowing donkeys but doesn't actually blow them until you pay for it
<mcnutcase> safari claims to be blowing llamas but they're actually donkeys in fancy coats
<PsychoI3oy> you guys suck
<PsychoI3oy> but are funny
<mcnutcase> what's the w3c's browser?
<PsychoI3oy> whatabout mozilla itself?
<PsychoI3oy> i don't remember mcnutcase
<mcnutcase> it claims that blowing donkeys isn't supported by HTML4
<PsychoI3oy> lo
<PsychoI3oy> l
<mcnutcase> <LionsPhil> Mozilla tries to blow donkeys, but it's too big to fit in the barn.
<LionsPhil> Er...starts with an "A"
<mcnutcase> amaya
<LionsPhil> that's the one
<LionsPhil> It's quite possibly the worst browser I've ever seen
<LionsPhil> And I've seen Netscape 2
<LionsPhil> And 3. And 4.6
<mcnutcase> dude, they were using NS2 when I got here
<LionsPhil> (And Internet Explorer 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6...)
<PsychoI3oy> and last but not least
<PsychoI3oy> wget simply does not blow donkeys
<mcnutcase> what about galeon?
<PsychoI3oy> dunno, never used it
<LionsPhil> wget fetches donkeys for the other browsers to blow. Kind of like a pimp.
<PsychoI3oy> lol
<PsychoI3oy> ok
<LionsPhil> Mosaic...?
<LionsPhil> NCSA Mosaic hasn't been able to blow donkeys since being put on a respirator.
<LionsPhil> AOL's browser sucks tellitubbies
<LionsPhil> Heh
<LionsPhil> Internet Explorer 6 gets confused and blows UP donkeys. And your shell.